Mbrella - Mobility Solutions
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Mbrella - Mobility Solutions

How QbD Group went all in on flexibele mobility

🚀 Mbrella as the ideal HR-hassle-free solution

QbD Group heard of Mbrella for the first time through the Baanbrekende Werkgever campaign. So when employees started asking for remuneration besides the traditional company car, they immediately saw a solution within what Mbrella has to offer. And since QbD Group was looking for a platform which was easy to use with multiple entities, the match was made!

Mbrella provided a solution where all of their employees could freely choose their favourite mobility providers, without this causing any administrative hassle for HR. Win-win!

🌿 A solution with an impact

Today, more than 100 QbD group employees are happy Mbrella users who are using their budget for housing rent, mortgages, public transport,... Employees are incentivised to go to the office by bike, good for both the planet & their health!