Mbrella - Mobility Solutions
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Mbrella - Mobility Solutions

Why RGF opted for flexible mobility with Mbrella?

Why did RGF Staffing implement the Mobility Budget?

✅ Sustainability as a strategic goal ( ⬇️ CO2 emissions by 80% ! )

By 2030, RGF wants to be carbon neutral troughout its business activities and its entire value chain. To support the longevity of our planet, they are committed to protecting the health of our environment. They will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change

✅ Competitive advantage in the war for talents

RGF wantS to increase the number of people who are happy at work. Being happy at work is the foundation of giving yourself 100 percent every day.

It enables their employees to grow as a colleague and as a person. They know better than anyone what job satisfaction is and are going to make sure that everyone can experience it.