Legal support
with a consulting program

“Avoid the hassle of creating a mobility policy alone. Get advice from our partners.”

What can you expect?

✔️ Consulting sessions from your social secretary

Receive legal guidance in the implementation of the mobility plan, fully tailored to your needs

What can they help you with?

✔️ Creation of your personal mobility plan

✔️ Advice on the federal mobility budget

✔️ Determination of your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

✔️Advice on company cars, benefits in kind, green alternatives, ...

✔️ Drafting and detailed explanations of the different legal documents

✔️ Support to inform your employees on the new policies


✔️ Depending on your socials secretary and your needs

By filling the form on the right, you can request a price offer to your social secretary*

Payement is handle by your social secretary

Timing to receive an offer

✔️ Maximum 2 business days

We will transfer your request to your social secretary within maximum 2 business days

*By requesting an offer, you don't commit to anything.

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People ❤️ Mbrella

At LynxCare, we introduced the mobility budget because it optimised our total remuneration package for our employees in a fiscal-friendly way. On top of that, we can now also attract talented people who want to reduce their personal ecological footprint.

Kenny Willems

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 100% of our employees worked from home. It became clear to us that we needed to start looking into more flexible mobility options. To create a flexible mobility plan that fits the needs of every employee. That’s when we contacted Mbrella.

Alisson Nonclercq
Happiness / HR Manager

I live in Brussels and didn't use my company car a lot so I switched to a mobility budget. I won a lot on mobility options and can now even pay my apartment rent with the mobility budget.

Dario Deserranno