Above and beyond corporate mobility management

mbrella brings flexible mobility solutions to your employees. We’re a B2B, back-office provider that enables flexible mobility in your company for all employees, with or without company cars.

Employers are currently facing multiple challenges. Employees continuously want to have more flexible wages as compared to standard one-size-fits-all packages. Attracting new talent is more difficult than ever. Mobility in Belgium (& beyond) is increasingly becoming an impeding factor for productivity as well as employee satisfaction.

Governments are also looking at all employers to offer better environmentally friendly mobility solutions.  Employers can play a crucial role in the solution of the two last problems while offering attractive options to their existing employees and to future prospects.


Our tool is compliant with all regulations as specified in the royal decree of 21 March 2019 in relation to the mobility budget law voted on 17 March 2019 (Belgium only).


Going beyond the mobility budget only, mbrella connects mobility solution providers to be used in cafeteria plan tools, for professional consumption tracking across mobility solutions


mbrella integrates with social secretaries to ensure that all mobility consumption is linked & treated in the correct manner from a payroll perspective (integrations and discussions in progress).


mbrella allows users to dynamically consume mobility the way they want. Free your employees from limitations of only using subscription-based services or having to allocated fixed monthly budgets for different services.


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