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The HR platform to manage flexible mobility

No admin hassle. Bonus: it makes your company's salary packages way more attractive.

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Give your employees the mobility they deserve

Mobility is changing. So are the expectations of your employees. Mbrella is your HR platform to set-up and manage your company's mobility budget. Tailored to your employees.

Free your employees from traffic jams
Lower your ecological footprint
Offer more attractive salary packages

Unlock your mobility

Don't be stuck with a company car you hardly use. Switching to a mobility budget gives you more flexibility. Get in touch with us if your employer didn't activate a mobility budget yet. We'll talk to them.

Enjoy flexible & green mobility
Get more net salary
Discover 100+ options to spend your mobility budget on

Keep up with the mobility revolution

Your clients are looking for optimized mobility plans. But they are confused. They don't know where to look. Partnering up with us gives your client the answer they need.

Integrate with one central mobility hub
Broaden your product offering
Grow your mobility expertise

Together is better

Mbrella is connecting the dots in the mobility ecosystem. We believe strong integrations with mobility providers are key to flexible mobility. We're both in this together. Let's talk.

Reach a large Mbrella audience
Tap into the mobility budget potential
Convince prospects with your integrated approach

What is the mobility budget?

& why use it?
Your company car
Electric car
New bicycle
Transport pass
Leftover cash

Mbrella's features

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Set-up and manage mobility budgets

Add employees to a mobility budget and assign them a budget amount. All of this in a dynamic way so your employees can consume what they want, when they want.

Say goodbye to subscription-based, fixed-amount services.

Track mobility consumption in real-time

Monitor the current status of your employees' annual mobility budget and review their mobility expenses. With only a few simple clicks.

Support 100+ mobility categories

Mbrella goes above and beyond regular mobility. Our platform supports any type of expense within the mobility budget framework such as housing costs, bike purchases,...

Activate mobility providers

We offer a wide range of up-to-date transportation via our strong integrations with mobility providers and MaaS apps like Modalizy, Olympus and Skipr. All connected to one central hub: Mbrella

Connect with your social secretary

By integrating with social secretaries, we ensure the budget is treated correctly and automatically from a payroll perspective. Saving you hours of administration.

Legally compliant

Our platform is compliant with all the regulations of the mobility budget law. These are specified in the Belgian royal decree of 21 March 2019.

Flexible integrations

HR Companies & Mobility Providers

We are continuously adding more integrations to Mbrella to support as many solutions as possible.


"I live in Brussels and didn't use my company car a lot so I switched to a mobility budget. I won a lot on mobility options and can now even pay my apartment rent with the mobility budget."

Dario - Employee
Not convinced yet?

60% of Belgian employees say they don't have enough mobility options

The average car driver in Brussels alone spends 80 hours every year jammed in traffic

Post-COVID, 40% of people intend to increase their usage of shared mobility

9 out of 10 Belgian employees want to telework 1-3 days a week post-COVID

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