The HR platform to manage flexible mobility

Create a personalised mobility plan for each employee. Manage your public transport subscriptions, commuting allowances and mobility budgets in one single tool.

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Roland Berger
Bain & Company

Manage all your mobility in one place

Your employees choose themselves how they spend their budget: bikes, e-steps, scooters, cars, train,... or even housing rent
Employees self-order their subscriptions. You’re no longer a middle man in charge of ordering subscriptions
Tax-free kilometer allowances are the ultimate salary perk. Incentivise your employees to cycle and walk to work or reimburse private transport
Mbrella mobility payment card
Payment card for all mobility services (SNCB, Uber, Lime, Bird, Poppy,...). Your employees purchase their mobility directly with the card, without any expense reimbursements
Your mobility gets treated correctly from a payroll perspective. Saving you hours of administration
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Before Mbrella

You’re stuck in an archaic mobility policy
You have rigid and outdated salary packages
You feel frustrated at hours lost in traffic

After Mbrella

You’re enjoying flexible and green mobility
You’re offering more net salary at the same gross cost
You unlocked happier and more productive employees
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Flexible integrations

HR Companies
Mobility Providers

We are continuously adding more integrations

People ❤️ Mbrella

The mobility budget has proved an ideal solution for colleagues who like to cycle, prefer public transport whether or not in combination with a scooter or bicycle, or for colleagues who do not (yet) have a driver's license.

Joachim Nuyttens
Managing Director HR & Quality

At LynxCare, we introduced the mobility budget because it optimised our total remuneration package for our employees in a fiscal-friendly way. On top of that, we can now also attract talented people who want to reduce their personal ecological footprint.

Kenny Willems

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 100% of our employees worked from home. It became clear to us that we needed to start looking into more flexible mobility options. To create a flexible mobility plan that fits the needs of every employee. That’s when we contacted Mbrella.

Alisson Nonclercq
Happiness / HR Manager

About the mobility budget

White paper
Everything you need to know about the mobility budget

In this report, we guide you through the principles, give concrete examples, list allowed cars under pillar 1 and explain how to implement it in your company.

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Customer stories
How Semetis implemented the mobility budget in 5 steps

Semetis is a leading Belgian digital agency. Their mobility manager was looking for a mobility plan that fits the needs of every employee.

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Get the most out of your mobility budget

Play with some simulations. Get examples of how you can spend your budget


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From cars to scooters, everything about the mobility budget

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