The mobility budget
More options. More value.

Check out this example

Your company car
Electric car
New bicycle
Transport pass
Leftover cash

Spend your mobility budget in any of these

3 pillars


company car

Choose an electric car or a car that scores better than your current company car on CO2 emission (max 95g/km), air pollutants and energy capacity (min 0,5kWh/100kg car weight for hybrids)


Mobility expenses
& housing costs

Spend across any of the 100+ options such as housing rent or interests, any (e-)bike or scooter purchase, public transport, shared mobility, car rental (yay road trips!), carpooling...


Cash at a
favorable tax rate

Receive the end-of-year leftover of your mobility budget in cash. No tax. Only a social contribution of 38.07% so there's no impact on your sickness and unemployment benefit and pension

Everything about the mobility budget

What is the mobility budget? 💸

The mobility budget is a legal, Belgian framework to offer employees flexible and green mobility without added costs for the employer.

Practically, employees can switch their company car for a mobility budget they can spend untaxed across many options (see below).

Employees can only benefit from the mobility budget if their employer has put one in place. So don't disappoint them ;-)

Is there a cost to the mobility budget? 🏷️

No. For employers, the mobility budget has the same cost as a company car. It is a budget-neutral operation.

But for employees, it makes a day-and-night financial difference because of the absent taxes and the broad range of spending options.

How is the mobility budget calculated? 🔢

The mobility budget equals the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the company car. So the more expensive the car, the bigger the mobility budget. Roughly, the TCO is calculated as shown below.

If you want a more detailed calculation for your specific company car(s), get in touch with us.

Which steps do I need to take to put a mobility budget in place? ⏩

We help employers with the set-up of a mobility budget at their company. This is what you need to do:

  1. Inform all your employees of the new option to switch their car for a mobility budget
  2. Update your mobility policy (we can help. We've done this before)
  3. Calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the employees who will switch for a mobility budget (we have a TCO calculator)
  4. Let your employees who chose for a mobility budget sign a few documents (we have templates)
  5. Give your employees access to a tool to track their budget (like Mbrella)

And done. You're all set! We take care of the rest.

Can everyone use a mobility budget? 🤞

There are a few conditions.

Employers can only implement the (federal) mobility budget if they have made one or more company cars available to one or more employees, for an uninterrupted period of at least 36 months immediately before the implementation of the mobility budget.

Employees can only receive the (federal) mobility budget if they already have a company car or are eligible for one.

If you don't meet these conditions for the federal mobility budget, don't worry. You can perfectly set up a custom, non-federal mobility budget with Mbrella. The only difference is the absence of tax exemption. So you'll need to pay a benefit in kind for these mobility expenses.

What can I spend my mobility budget on? 🛒

Now this is one of the true powers of the mobility budget. The spending options are near endless. As long as there is a link with mobility.

Find an (almost) exhaustive list of spending options here.

In short, you can spend your budget across 3 different categories (officially called 'pillars'). They are explained on top of this page.

Are you thinking of something cool to buy with your mobility budget? Let us know and we'll check if it's possible!

Or try our simulation tool to get some ideas.

The mobility budget explained

Everything you need to know about the mobility budget in one guide!

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People ❤️ Mbrella

The mobility budget has proved an ideal solution for colleagues who like to cycle, prefer public transport whether or not in combination with a scooter or bicycle, or for colleagues who do not (yet) have a driver's license.

Joachim Nuyttens
Managing Director HR & Quality

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 100% of our employees worked from home. It became clear to us that we needed to start looking into more flexible mobility options. To create a flexible mobility plan that fits the needs of every employee. That’s when we contacted Mbrella.

Alisson Nonclercq
Happiness / HR Manager

I live in Brussels and didn't use my company car a lot so I switched to a mobility budget. I won a lot on mobility options and can now even pay my apartment rent with the mobility budget.

Dario Deserranno
For more info, visit the official mobility budget page: