The app that gives you freedom

We all move in our own way. That’s why we’ve created one app for all your corporate mobility needs. This is mobility for the 21st century. Mobility made flexible, quoi.

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Monthly rent
750 EUR
E-scooter rental
3,20 EUR
Bike allowance
7,20 EUR
Camper van rental
850  EUR
Shared car meeting
62,80 EUR

Scan mobility expenses

Never lose track of your mobility receipts again. Scan, attach and conquer your reimbursements.

See your remaining budget

Get an idea of your remaining budget in the blink of an eye.

Add your commute trips

Bike ride to the office? Add your commute trips and see the correct bike allowance pop up.

Get reimbursed via the payroll

Get reimbursed on time and down to the eurocent.


Every question has an answer. Can't find the answer to your question? Let us know!

What are the benefits of Mbrella for HR?

Mbrella is the first corporate mobility solution that is designed to empower employees while unburdening HR professionals completely. Mbrella enables employees to compose their own ideal mobility mix and monitor their allocated budget on the go through an intuitive mobile app. Our integration with your payroll provider ensures correct remuneration. Fair & flexible compensation packages with no admin, what’s not to like? On top of that, you can track the total impact of your company’s efforts with our Carbon Tracker.

Can I pay back my mortgage or rent via a mobility budget?

If you live within 10 km of your normal place of work, you can finance rent, mortgage interests or capital payments with the mobility budget. Is your normal place of work explicitly mentioned on your employment contract BUT do you usually (more than 50%) work somewhere else (like from home)? Then your 'normal place of work' can be your actual place of work. Be careful that your employer needs to prove this to the Administration.

My employer offers a company car, but no mobility budget. Can I still use Mbrella?

Yes. Via Mbrella, you can manage different types of company budgets related to mobility: the legal mobility budget, the flex budget or a regular business budget. So if you don't meet the strict criteria of the mobility budget and your employer has a flex or business budget in place, you can still use Mbrella.

My employer offers a company car, but is considering implementing a mobility budget too. Can Mbrella help them?

Yes, we collaborate with various legal experts (in-house and via social secretaries) to analyse your specific case and implement the best possible solution for your company.

How much does Mbrella cost?

Currently Mbrella offers 3 packages of 45, 90, 250 eur per month for respectively up to 10, 50 and 100 users on the platform.