Mobility Budget & Housing Costs

The transition to sustainable mobility extends beyond just transportation. The Belgian mobility budget now offers an innovative way to support employees in their housing needs. By trading in their company car for a budget that can be used not only for more environmentally friendly commuting options but also for housing costs, we open the door to a holistic approach to sustainability.

But how does this work exactly? Can both employers and employees truly benefit from this option? And how can the mobility budget be applied to rent or even a mortgage loan? Mbrella is here to shed light on these questions. With our specialized software solution, we assist companies and their employees in fully understanding and leveraging the opportunities and benefits of using the mobility budget for housing costs.

Can the mobility budget pay for housing costs?

It certainly can! The renewed mobility budget active since October 2021 consists of 3 pillars. Within the second pillar is a component covering housing costs. Not only does the government want to capitalise on greener mobility, they also want to encourage living closer to your work.

Employees' housing costs can be paid by the mobility budget if the employee lives within a radius of no more than 10 kilometres from the workplace, or works from home for the majority of the time.

The latter condition should be reviewed on a monthly basis. For example, as a full-timer, you must have worked from home for 11 to 12 days within a month to meet this condition.

What can be included in housing costs?

If the employee meets these conditions and the options for paying housing costs are included in the employer's mobility plan, then these are the options for paying housing costs:

Mobility budget and mortgage loan

If you are currently paying off a loan and meet the conditions, you can have both monthly interest and capital repayments paid by your mobility budget.

However, it is necessary that the loan is in your name and that you and others within the loan do not pay off more than 100% of the loan with the mobility budget. For this, you need to make a declaration on honour.

Mobility budget and rent

If you are currently renting your home, you can pay this rent using the mobility budget. However, it is necessary that the lease is (at least partially) in your name.

The mobility budget explained

Everything you need to know about the mobility budget in one guide!

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People ❤️ Mbrella

At LynxCare, we introduced the mobility budget because it optimised our total remuneration package for our employees in a fiscal-friendly way. On top of that, we can now also attract talented people who want to reduce their personal ecological footprint.

Kenny Willems

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 100% of our employees worked from home. It became clear to us that we needed to start looking into more flexible mobility options. To create a flexible mobility plan that fits the needs of every employee. That’s when we contacted Mbrella.

Alisson Nonclercq
Happiness / HR Manager

The mobility budget has proved an ideal solution for colleagues who like to cycle, prefer public transport whether or not in combination with a scooter or bicycle, or for colleagues who do not (yet) have a driver's license.

Joachim Nuyttens
Managing Director HR & Quality